Man Caught Big Fish From Deep Sea Fishing Playa del Carmen

Deep Sea Fishing Playa del Carmen

Deep Sea Fishing Playa del Carmen is the perfect spot to catch your dinner with a rod and reel. This sport has been around for centuries, but experience it in one of Mexico’s most beautiful beaches which is known for its deep sea fishing. You can enjoy an afternoon on the water or take part in night fishing expeditions where you’ll find bigger fish with better eyesight. If you’re looking to get out on the water this summer.

How Does Deep Sea Fishing In Playa Del Carmen Work?

For jigging,which is just another name for Deep Sea Fishing you will need a jig.

Jig is special lure that contains lead sinker inside, and around it a rubber cover is moulded. Hook is also a part of this lure. Different sizes and weights of jigs exist, and anglers choose them according to a fish size, location and year time. Here in Playa del Carmen we use a thick one, because of the big bites.

Unlike swimbaits and similar lures that move horizontally, jigs are presented in a vertical motion, mostly to fish near the bottom.

To be able to practice this technique, you will need a suitable rod which is sensitive and the angler can feel the fish strike and the lure itself.

Jigs have head and the body …

Head of a jig can vary in shape, size, color and type. Hooks can also be different, depending on a targeted fish species. The head can be round, coned or basically any shape you can think of.

Body is usually made of rubber or silicone and shapes are various, often imitating real fish, frogs or similar creatures.

In some parts of the USA, anglers use buck-tail jigs, made from deer hair, and those are a bit heavier and produce less movement.

Similar to other fishing techniques, this one too requires a bit of practice and experience.

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